Nouveau Cru

The name of the brand, Nouveau Cru, echoes the beautiful vineyards of Bordeaux, a town dear to the founder’s heart and Nouveau Cru’s birthplace.

Nouveau Cru is an authentic French brand built around the core values of simplicity and tenderness, and a commitment to great quality clothing to deliver the best baby clothing line, from month 6 to their 8 birthday.

We sew stories and emotions within our clothes, and continuously look to preserve and perpetuate our three muses: authenticity, delicacy and sustainability. This philosophy finds a natural expression in our savoir-faire, our identity, and the quality of our products.

We value quality over quantity: our line stays true and simple, reassuring and precise. We create timeless garments that go beyond seasons and moods, real yearlong companions.

Whether it is next fall or next year, Nouveau Cru will never cease to offer new pieces that are both modern and timeless.

Nouveau Cru is committed to offer quality garments and thus pays particular attention to every single detail.

All our fabrics are soft and flexible to provide comfort and well being to the little ones.

To ensure the best value for money, our products are crafted from high-quality cotton sourced from the best Portuguese workshops.

Because we are textile freaks, we design simple shapes respectful of the original material, and it’s through a subtle encounter between savoir-faire, passion and delicacy that we give birth to our collection, our Nouveau Cru.

Marlène Lavigne, the girl behind Nouveau Cru.

Nouveau Cru finds its origins in the passionate mind of a textile-lover. And it’s with a keen eye for everything around her that she constantly fuels Nouveau Cru with new ideas.

Marlène has been drawing ever since she could hold a pencil. She then naturally went on studying textile and design, and perfected her technique and vision for many years working for renowned brands.

“ I design Nouveau Cru with a lot of tenderness. I like to work on functional shapes, stripes and simple artworks, always with a fun twist. I design garments with a sense of purpose and efficiency; I want them to last!”

“Everyday, I’m committed to design great pieces that will make customers trust and love Nouveau Cru. I want this brand to be attractive, trustworthy and highly likeable.”

After drawing inspiration from her life in Bordeaux, Marlène moved a little further south on the French Atlantic coast, in the Basque country. She installed her design studio in a newly renovated castle, full of stories and character, and that’s where magic happens!

A true lover of the southern coastal lifestyle, Marlène finds inspiration in everything that embodies simplicity, joie de vivre, childhood and the unique relationship between parents and children.

Through the love of their parents, children understand their self-worth; in doing so, they acquire strength to get them through life itself. Proverb from “les mots de la vie”.